1) The chromatic choice of painted symbols is mainly black and white. Is there a reason? 

One of the most recurring concepts for me in my work and what I strive for in life is balance. The idea that things are not really black and white, rather finding the grey in between. 

White symbolizes purity, new beginnings (manifestation), safety. Black being a color of death, the unknown. For me, death is the opportunity for renewal, like the winter turning into Spring...when things are taken away, it creates space for new so I think they feed each other, like yin and yang.

I also play a lot with the concept of taking the negative and turning it into a positive. Because everything is energy, if we can harness the negative energy and use that energy to create good, then all energy brought to us can therefor be used however we decide to use it. 

2) In your opinion how important is meditation for an artist?  

I would recommend mediation to anyone, not just for artists as it has been a transformative tool for me to maintain that balance. Everyone tends to mediate slightly differently but I focus a lot on the breath to get me centered. Sometimes it is simply breathing mindfully when faced with a new or stressful situation I am trying to process or it can be a full 10-20 minute ritual. I meditate before and during the creative process with all my work so personally it's a major part of my method.

3) How are your typical working days?

As a creative and mom of two, I wouldn't say I ever have a typical day, haha! Two days a week, I co-curate and manage a production space, Witness Apt (@witnessapt) that is also my office in NYC. 

I am also a creative consultant and arts + culture editor for @vanish.today - a new media platform focused on outside lifestyle that also helps brands navigate emerging and converging lifestyle markets. 

The rest of my week is ideally spent in either my resin studio or my painting studio. I have a bunch of new work I am preparing for for my next show so trying to get into my studios as much as possible these days.

4) You have an enviable body. How is food and fitness important in your life?

Food and fitness are very important to me and also part of my methodology in order to maintain 'the balance'. Food is fuel so I am mindful about fueling my body with good, fresh nutrients because I need a lot of energy to keep up with my girls and to workout. I like to switch up my fitness routine with a mix of pilates, yoga and cardio circuits. I used to do a lot of trail running and swimming but haven't had as much time for that recently. As a mom of two girls, I do my best to be a model for them in every way possible so being fit and strong has been something I have always made time for.