Dimensions: 3' x 5'

100% first quality wool.

Handwoven in Tangier, Morocco.

Each piece comes ready to hang as a wall tapestry or for use on the floor. Made with the finest quality wool, using traditional Berber weaving methods, they are designed for both summer and winter months. The wool (hairy side) is flipped up in the winter months and the knotted side is then flipped up for the summer.

Handwoven in Tangier, a major port on the Strait of Gibraltar, has been the gateway between Africa and Europe since Phoenician times. Traditionally women would make these rugs as personal weavings for use to tell their story, creating symbols within their weavings. The rugs were used for many purposes -  as tapestries to hang on the wall, to sleep on at night or as blankets in the winter months.

Designs are based on original paintings of Cali’s personal work from her symbol series.

About the symbology:

Based on original artwork:

"Enlightenment" 2018

6'x 6' Acrylic on Canvas

"If everything is energy and it can be transformed, then we can become the conduit to take all energy whether it be negative or positive and use it to rise above."

The central shape is a diamond, rising up from the ground and reaching upwards. Created under immense pressure, a diamond is made from carbon - the base element of most matter. After great energy is created and absorbed while under pressure, the deep, black carbon is transformed to reveal one of the most desired stones for its clarity and ability to reflect light. It is both a spiritual and literal manifestation of becoming clear, reflecting light as we rise above pressure.
Native Americans used the diamond as a symbol of the butterfly, representing transformation and metamorphosis - a process necessary in order for growth and spiritual enlightenment.