Diamond Harvest
Diamond Harvest Diamond Harvest Diamond Harvest Diamond Harvest Diamond Harvest


Dimensions: 9' x 12' 

This exact rug is sold, pre-ordering available, 6-8 weeks for delivery. All rugs are handwoven in the Mid-Atlas Mountains of Morocco using traditional Berber weaving and natural dye methods, each tapestry is made of first quality wool. 

Designed for both summer and winter months, the wool (hairy side) can be flipped up in the winter months and the knotted side flipped up for the summer. The thick, plush pile of this weaving makes it an incredibly comfortable area rug.


The light comes from within.

At the center of the figure, is a single diamond eye representing awakened awareness. Created under immense pressure, a diamond is made from carbon - the base element of most matter. After great energy is generated and absorbed, the deep, black carbon is transformed to reveal one of the most hardest stones for its clarity and ability to reflect light. It is both a spiritual and literal manifestation of transformation and metamorphosis, becoming clear, reflecting light as we rise above pressure - a process necessary in order for growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Harvest serves as a reminder to manifest that which is grounded in good and perpetuates a higher, positive frequency. May you share your bounty as you grow and leave a legacy for those to build from in your wake. 

Custom sizes and designs available, please contact: hey@mikacali.com for inquiries.

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