8.75" x 11"

Acrylic on canvas with raw edges

SYMBOLOGY: The sacred golden aura radiates positivity, protection and serves to remind us that it is when we illuminate and reflect the light within ourselves and onto others, we can connect in healing harmony.

At the center of the expansive arch, is a diamond: a spiritual and literal manifestation of becoming clear - reflecting light as we rise above any conflict or hurdles. Diamonds symbolize transformation and metamorphosis - a process necessary for growth and enlightenment. Created under immense pressure, a diamond is made from carbon - the base element of most matter. After great energy is generated and absorbed, the deep, black carbon is transformed to reveal the hardest stone known for its clarity and ability to reflect light.

At the end of each of the expanding rays, emanating from the arch, are plus signs which symbolize radiating a positive frequency or aura. These also serve to remind us that the frequency we carry and emit is a choice, that even negative energy can be transmuted to a higher, positive frequency.