Dimensions: 4' x 3.5’


Portal: a gateway, channel or opening. 

The Twin Portals represent two portal energies, co-creating symbiotically but the emphasis on this symbology is the portal frequency depicted. 

In physics, portals are described to bridge the gap that exists between “visible physics” or what we can measure and detect directly and “dark physics” or what we can feel the effects of but cannot directly measure.*

The twin two portals are depicted in diamond shapes which represent spiritual and literal transformation and metamorphosis, a process necessary for growth and enlightenment.

*Fiona Macdonald

Handwoven in the Mid-Atlas Mountains of Morocco using traditional Berber weaving and natural dye methods, each tapestry is made of first quality wool. 

Hang as a wall tapestry or for use on the floor. Designed for both summer and winter months, the wool (hairy side) can be flipped up in the winter months and the knotted side flipped up for the summer. The thick pile of this weaving along with the smaller size makes it a great tool for meditation, yoga flow or stretching on. 

Custom sizes and designs available, please contact: for inquiries.

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